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Truck Eats


Everyone loves food trucks! And when you get a bunch of them together it’s a community party!

We can’t gather until Covid regulations are lifted but we are actively working on organizing an event for the late summer / early fall. How can you lend some people power? Easy!

Have a favorite food truck? Recommend them!

Know someone who owns a food truck? Connect them with The Balcony!

Do you own a party or event business? Photo booth? Music DJ? Do you own a drone? Let’s get some footage of the party for Instagram! Whatever you do, reach out and let’s collaborate!

A very easy way to help is to kick in a few bucks for the permit! Click the button below and toss a few coins into the bowl. The Balcony is a non-profit so the books are open! 20,000 of us live here. Don’t underestimate the power of giving your single dollar!

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Food Trucks on Foothill!!!: Programs
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